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In the considered method the inditsirovaniye of spots of the roentgenogram becomes simpler. So if the crystal rotates round an axis from a lattice, all spots on the line passing through a trace of primary beam have indexes (h, k, on the layered lines, neighboring to it, – according to (h, k, and (h, k, 1yu) and so on. However and the method of rotation does not give all possible information, so it is never not known, at what angle of rotation of a crystal round an axis of rotation this or that diffraction spot was formed.

1 – electronic gun; 2 – diaphragm; 3 – the first collecting electrostatic lens; 4 – aperture diaphragm; 5 – the second collecting electrostatic lens; 6 – the studied sample; 7 – x-ray spectrometer; 8 – mirror; 9 – lens of a metalgraphic optical microscope; VN – a high voltage.

Determination of the sizes of an elementary cell of a crystal, number of particles (atoms, molecules) in an elementary cell and symmetry of an arrangement of particles (so-called spatial group). These data are obtained by the analysis of geometry of an arrangement of diffraction maxima.

Important property of a lauegramma consists that at the corresponding orientation of a crystal symmetry of an arrangement of these curves reflects symmetry of a crystal. On character of spots on lauegramma it is possible to reveal the internal tension and some other defects of crystal structure. Inditsirovaniye of separate spots of a lauegramma very difficult. Therefore Laue's method is applied only for finding of the necessary orientation of a crystal and definition of its elements of symmetry. By this method check quality of mono crystals at a sample choice for fuller structural research.

The X-ray spectral analysis well proved when determining Pb and Br in oil and gasolines, are gray in gasoline, impurity in greasings and products of wear in cars, in the analysis of catalysts, at implementation of express silicate analyses and others.

Calculation of electronic density in an elementary cell and determination of coordinates of atoms which are identified with the provision of maxima of electronic density. These data are obtained the analysis of intensity of diffraction maxima.