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Here representation of "the basic principles of marketing" looks, rather reasonably, but, besides, the list is not rather full and, at least, is not absolutely exact: because criteria of allocation of these or those principles are not quite clear.

If the need is not met, the person feels unfortunate and unfortunate. And the more this or that need means to it, the more deeply he worries. The unsatisfied person will make one or the other: or will be engaged in searches of the object capable to meet its need, or will try to muffle it.

Export marketing demands activity, a nastupatelnost, enterprise without what it is impossible to count on effective activity in the modern international market where the acute competition - a natural factor of commercial work.

promotion - (a literal translation: "advance with support"): advance of goods and services; and also: any form of messages used by the enterprise for information, belief or a reminder on the goods, services, the enterprise, a trademark, etc.;

Satisfaction of technical and social norms of the country importing goods of the enterprise that means a duty to provide due levels of safety of use of goods and protection of the okrtszhayushchy environment; compliance to moral and ethical rules; due level of consumer properties of goods.

When developing marketing programs, as well as plans of intra firm development, also the principle of diversity is used, i.e. the relevant services prefer to prepare not one, and some versions of the marketing program and plan (usually 3 options - minimum or the worst, optimum, the most probable and maximum or the best).

In process of progressive development of society also needs of his members grow. People face an increasing number of the objects awakening their curiosity, interest and desire. Producers in return take purposeful actions for stimulation of desire to possess goods. They try to create communication meanwhile that they let out, and needs of people. The goods are propagandized as means of satisfaction of one or a number of specific needs. The figure of marketing does not create need, it already exists.

Sellers often confuse requirements to needs. The producer of drill bits can consider that the consumer needs a well. At emergence of other goods which will be able to drill a well better and cheaper, in the client to appear the new requirement (in goods-novink though the need and remains former (wells.

These principles were allocated by criterion: at first carrying out concrete empirical researches of consumers, and then start and the production on the basis of marketing. Besides, at allocation of the principles of marketing the criterion of the analysis of logic of market activity of many western firms was used.

The morals are that producers have to find consumers to whom they want to sell, find out their requirements, and then to create goods as it is possible more stoutly satisfying these requirements.

Orientation of the enterprise on momentary, but not on long-term result of marketing work. It demands special attention to expected researches, development on the basis of their results of the goods of market novelty providing high-profitable foreign economic activity.

Needs of people are almost boundless, and here resources for their satisfaction are limited. So the person will choose those goods which will bring him the greatest satisfaction within its financial opportunities.

Aiming at achievement of end practical result of production and marketing export activity. Effective sale of goods in a foreign market in the planned quantities in fact means mastering a certain share of a foreign market according to the long-term purpose planned by the export enterprise.

as the decision, generally short-term tasks of achievement of desirable levels of sale in various markets (like that: what to sell to whom to sell why it is necessary to sell it, where and how to sell when to sell all this and how to operate all this movement of goods and to an usl.

Needs of people are diverse and difficult. Here and the main physiological needs in food, clothes, heat and safety; and social needs in spiritual proximity, influence and attachment; and personal needs in knowledge and self-expression. These needs are not created by efforts of Medison Avenue, and are initial components of human nature.