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Also piezoelectric dynamic heads which differ in higher impedance are used. Dynamic heads of this look work at the principle of change of the linear sizes of a piezoelectric plate, at change in it of electric field.

KD521A - the diode silicon, epitaxial and planar, pulse. It is intended for application in pulse devices. Is issued in the glass case with flexible conclusions. For designation of type and polarity of the diode conditional marking – one wide and two narrow blue strips on the case is used from a positive (anode) conclusion. The mass of the diode – no more than 0,15 grams.

The system of TsRV AM IBOC DAB intended for broadcasting ranges where amplitude modulation is traditionally used guarantees transfer of stereoprograms with the quality close to quality of sounding of CD. Thus the radio transmitter with amplitude modulation is used, and transfer is conducted in one channel with the same analog monophonic program.

KT315B - the transistor silicon epitaxial and planar structures of p-N-p, intensifying. It is intended for application in amplifiers of high frequency, intermediate and low frequency. Is issued in the plastic case with flexible conclusions. The type of the device is specified in a label, and also on the device case in the form of the corresponding standard rating. The mass of the transistor is no more than 0,18 grams.

Except combinations of various schemes of turning on of transistors of one type of conductivity, it is possible to combine transistors with different type of conductivity that leads also to new qualitative characteristics of UPCh cascades.

As the receiver developed by me works in the range of ultra-short waves, I counted expedient to use the odnoshtyrevy telescopic antenna in the receiver. The main advantage of such antenna – simplicity of a design.

All these circumstances forced administrations and the broadcasting organizations of many countries, and, first of all, the USA, to try to find such way of introduction of TsRV which would allow not to destroy already existing system of broadcasting.

The output device serves for transformation of energy of alternating current to energy of sound waves. For receiving powerful sound vibrations loudspeakers which have to reproduce sounds of various frequency evenly are used.

Also there are URCh one-cascade and multicascade. My URCh is built according to the one-cascade scheme on one transistor which is switched on according to the scheme with the general emitter. That leads to more simplified scheme in comparison with multicascade, it does not lead to strong changes of key parameters of the amplifier.

Distributing of topology of a payment is carried out a pencil, noting places of openings for conclusions of radioelements and a dotted line contours of elements. Lines of connection of elements are carried out according to an electric circuit on the shortest way with the minimum length of connecting conductors. Though at existence personal the COMPUTER can be developed topology of the printed-circuit board in the Sprint 0 rus program.

Numerous tests DAB system in various countries of Europe and North America confirmed its good qualitative characteristics at high efficiency of use of the occupied its range and safety in operation.

The amplitude detector is necessary for reception of amplitude-modulated fluctuations. Amplitude detectors on semiconductor diodes are most often used. Schemes on semiconductor diodes happen parallel and consecutive.

Thus, introduction of system of TsRV T-DAB is possible only due to interests of these services, and, use for it the frequency strips occupied with broadcasting radio stations will result, besides, in need of radical reorganization of organizational and economic structure of sound broadcasting.

Executed in the Sprint 0 rus program. and the printed drawing of the printed-circuit board fix on the processed steklotekstolit and iron well heated-up iron before full sticking of a sheet of paper to a steklotekstolit. Further to place steklotekstolit in warm water to a full razmokaniye of paper. After removal of paper on a steklotekstolita there are paths of the printed-circuit board.