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Make notes for the fce Brené brown on self reliance

With development of the market relations more and more fierce is a competitive fight between firms. Who will win — for especially high profit, a long-term good bargain. Along with relevance of a problem also its importance increases. But how to develop, and then to realize competition strategy?

The crisis phenomena in Belarus have no irreversible character as in a certain degree are kept potential controllability by economic processes, and also economic, personnel and intellectual potential.

The commercial structures created mainly in the non-productive sphere are small, concentrated on distribution of a ready-made product, do not promote formation of the competitive relations in production.

In the conditions of lack of the competition the competitive environment has to be formed step by step, since emergence of the competition between subjects and finishing with formation of structural elements on its providing.

The competition - an effective, cheap method of economic control. They pushes the producer on reduction of costs of production, yens, increase in sales volume, a pas fight for the consumer and improvement of quality.